The mission of the Institute of Informatics is to raise qualified individuals through inter-disciplinary post-graduate education, including information technologies, in light of universal values and vast knowledge of science, technology and art, and to provide the society with quality productions in the field of research, education and service.

The Institute was established In line with this mission in 2003, considering the synergic effect of Computer Technologies shaping the societies to a great extent. For working people, priority has been given to evening classes within non-thesis graduate programs so that they can benefit from these technologies no matter what their professions are. Inter-disciplinary post-graduate programmes have been prepared using international resources in light of national interests for an original and flexible education.


The vision of the Institute of Informatics is to become a leading education and research institution that takes into consideration professional renewal education within the Informatics Sector.

Our main objectives are as follows:

1) To improve the quality of workforce in professions requiring the use of information technologies,

2) To enable generic information technologies, part of the inter-disciplinary education, to contribute to the national and universal development on a great basis; and

3) To enable Hacettepe University Institute of Informatics to be a leader in its field, at inter-disciplinary departments of which people prefer to have post-graduate education at inter-disciplinary departments.

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